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The event will start at Beals Point.

Google maps to start

Beals Point
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Date & time:

September 15, 2018

5:00am Relay and Solo Runners

**Everyone starts at the same time**

Runners briefing / Packet pickup:

Joins us the day before race day  for packet pickup and runners briefing at Beals Point. We have some sweet swag that will be distributed and raffled during the runners briefing.

A lot of information will be shared during the runners briefing. We would like to minimize any doubts/concerns about the race course, aid stations, dropbags, and rules.

Running the relay? – Bring the whole team!

Google maps to start

Beals Point
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Schedule of events:

  • Packet pick up from 5:00 – 6:00pm
  • Runners briefing 6:00 – 7:00pm
  • Packet pick up from 7:00 – 7:30pm


Folsom Lake Ultra Trail (FLUT) is the only event to run all the way around Folsom Lake, to our knowledge, this may be the only race covering this length of distance while circumnavigating a body of water in California.

FLUT has a total of 12 aid stations that are packed with all kinds of food that ultra-runners need, water, electrolyte, boiled potatoes, chips, candy, gel packets, salt pills, and the later aid stations will have wholefoods such as soup, quesadillas, etc.

This race changes directions every year, 2018 will be clockwise course. The whole course is a combination of 82% trail and 18% road.

Click here to read the race report from the 2015 1st place overall, Jean Pommier. 

Click here to see all the pictures from our 2015 event. 


Folsom Lake Ultra Trail is part of the USATFPA Grand Prix. To receive points towards the GP, you must be a current member of the USATF.

For more information, visit the USATF GP page. Click here.

The Pacific Association is home to many of the premier ultra running events in the nation, if not the world. The very active USATF Pacific Ultra Running Committee and its athletes take full advantage of these events with its annual Ultra Running Grand Prix. On a national Level this committee belongs to the Mountain-Ultra-Trail (M.U.T.) LDR Division.

Prize $$$

Only registered solo runners are eligible for prize money.

Prize purse is based of the number of registered runners. We will allocated $1,000 per every 10 registered runners the Solo race for up to $10,000 (combined). The total prize purse amount will be divided equally between male and female fields. Prize purse will be divided as followed:

1st Place = 50% 
2nd Place = 32.5%
3rd Place = 17.5% 
The more runners we get, the higher the prize purse.

Everyone is entered, regardless of their USATF MEMBERSHIP status; runners who do not reside in the US will be subject to tax initially when paid

Prize will be mailed to the runner and final check can take up to two months for delivery.

43 runners registered = $4,000 total prize purse.
100 runners registered = $10,000 total prize purse.

Relay team:

Click here for more information on each relay leg.

Come test your limits as a team! – You and 2 other of your friends can run all the way around Folsom Lake (2 person teams: 1 runner must cover at least 2 legs of the race)

When a runner register as a relay team, the runner will receive an email for the other team members to finish their registration.

Only one runner at a time. This event consist of three legs:

1st leg – From Beals Point to Gate 142 AS (21.5  miles**)

2nd leg – From Gate 142 AS to Salmon Falls AS (24.5 miles**)

3rd leg – From Salmon Falls AS to Beals Point  (22.5 miles**)

**All distances are approximate. This course was mapped using a Garmin 920, Garmin 220, and Suunto Ambit 3, we got a different distance every time**

What’s Included

Amazing Post Race Feast

This course is not only known for the killer hills, one single giant loop, amazing aid stations, and very likely high heat. But, is also known for the amazing post race party feel with plenty of pizza and local craft beer.

Custom Bibs

All runners will receive a custom bib with the elevation profile. This profile will allow you to see what’s ahead on the course during the race. The elevation profile is placed upside down so you can easily read it while the bib is pinned to your shorts or t-shirt.

Major Swag

All of STR events are filled with goodies, while we know the killer hills and post race party will make you want to sign up again, we celebrate your finish with major swag. All of Folsom Lake Ultra Trail 110K finishers will receive a wrap from Orange Mud, and a handcrafted wooded buckle.

Cupless Event

Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle. Reusable cups are small, are no problem to carry along while running and will save thousands of cups from being trashed, and possibly blown away littering our beautiful trails. We will have some small collapsible water containers for sale at the event, or we recommend you purchase one in advance at your local running store or online at HydraPouch.

12 Aid Stations

F.L.U.T. has a total of 12 aid stations, and not one of them is repetitive. Nine of those 12 aid stations have access to crew members, if you plan to crew your runners, click here for a printable crew map. Pacers are only allowed to join their runners at designated spots, see the AS chart below for more details.


Pacer are only allowed to join the runner at designated spots. Please, see the chart below for detailed instructions.

Pacers are only allowed in the relay under special circumstances.


Crew / Spectators:

Crew members must follow all State Park parking rules. They must display their park day/year permit when parking within the State Park, which is basically almost every accessible aid station except or No hands bridge and Gate 142 AS. Day pass can be obtained at the start area at the Iron Ranger “permit box” the morning of the event.

Click here for a print friendly map showing how to get around to each aid station. flut-crew-map-8-5x11. (paces are not updated)


Cut off times:

The event will have a total allotted time of 20:15hrs. See chart below for cutoff times along the course.


Aid Stations:

Printable Clockwise AS chart (paces are not updated)

Pacers below are correct. 

Aid Station Mile Next Aid Drop Bag Crew  Absolute Cutoff Pacer Pickup Relay Exchange
           Pace is based on a 5am start  (Not for Relay)  
Beals Point | Start 0 4 ---- YES 5:00am ---- (Leg 21.6mi)
Granite Bay 4 6.5 ---- YES ---- ---- ----
Horseshoe Bar AS. 10.5 2.7 ---- NO (CREW=DQ) ---- ---- ----
Rattlesnake Bar 13.2 8.4 ---- YES ---- ---- ----
Gate 142 AS 21.6 4.0 YES YES 10:46am (16:00min/mi) ---- YES (Leg 24.4mi)
No Hands AS 25.6 3.4 ---- YES (Walk in) ---- ---- ----
Cool AS 29.0 4.4 ---- YES 1:00pm (16:34min/mi) NO ---
Oakview dr. AS 33.4 6.6 YES NO (CREW=DQ) 2:15pm (16:37min/mi) NO ----
Flagstaff AS 40.0 6 ---- NO (CREW=DQ) 4:30pm (17:14min/mi) NO  
Salmon Falls AS 46.0 7.7 YES YES 6:30pm (17:36min/mi) YES YES (Leg 22.4mi)
NY creek AS 53.7 6.7 ---- NO (CREW=DQ) ---- NO ----
Brown's Ravine AS 60.4 3.3 ---- YES 10:45pm (17:38min/mi) YES  
Folsom Point AS 63.7 4.7 ---- YES ---- YES ----
Beals Point | Finish 68.4~ ---- YES YES 1:15am (17:42min/mi)    

All cutoff times will be enforced
Runners must check in at each aid station.

All distances are approximate
Accommodations - (Camping is available at the start area at Beals Point)


Different sites show the course with different distances: Strava 68.1mi, Map my run 69.2, ridewithgps 68.9

Also, climbing accumulation oscillates between 6,200' and 9,850' depending on the GPS watched used, we picked the average.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?


2015 Video

Video Provided By Runner