Packet pick up:

Unfortunately we will be skipping the early packet pick up this year. Bibs will be ready at the start area right before the event. We will transport your schwag bag to the finish line. 

Packet pick up will happen from 3:00 to 6:00pm at Auburn Running Company on July 28, 2017. If you cannot get your bib early, we will have them available the morning of the race at the start area at 4:00am. 

Auburn Running Company

833 Lincoln way,

Auburn CA 95603 

When and where (Start):

July 29, 2017 at 5:00am (We will start on time, with or without you)

Cool Staging Area - Click here for map

7200 Saint Florian Court

Cool, CA 95614
**2nd Relay runner will start at Gate 142 AS**

Finish line location:

All spectator are invited to welcome the runners at Beals Point Recreation Area. You can follow your runner by using the live-tracking information found on the lower right side of this page. 

Relay runners:

Relay teams must consist of only two runners. The first leg of the two legs consist of 25.5 miles and contains the majority of the climbing of the race. The second leg of the race starts at Gate 142 AS. Click here to see an aerial picture of Gate 142. 

Gate 142 is located at the corner of Pacific ave and Portland ave. Click here to google maps. 

Relay runners must park on Pacific ave. and walk to the aid station. If runner #1 is taking your car after the first leg, do not forget to hand over your car key. 

All relay teams will have two bibs, instead of 1 as stated in the main page. Bibs will be available at early packet pick up, start area, or at the relay exchange AS. Once runner #1 finish their leg, give them a high five, and start running!

1st leg - From Cool to Auburn Overlook point (25.5 miles**)

2nd leg - From Auburn (gate 142 AS) to Finish at Beals Point recreation area (24.5 miles**)

**All distances are approximate.


All pacers must wear a pacer bib. Bibs can be picked up at the following locations: Rattlesnake Bar AS, or Granite Bay AS. 

Pacers are not allowed in the Relay race. 




Shuttle information:

The shuttle is a big yellow school bus and each bus can fit up to 84 passenger at 3 to a seat and 55 passengers at two to a seat. The bus driver will pick up runners at the finish line area (Beals Point recreation area). The bus will park at the main parking lot at 3:30am, runners can start boarding the bus as soon as it arrives, the bus will leave by 3:50am. The ride takes 40 minutes. 


All drop bags must be dropped off at the start area. Your drop-bag cannot be bigger than a shoe size box, anything bigger will not be transported and we are not responsible for it (No Coolers!). Please do not place any glass containers. We reserve the right to inspect any drop-bag and will dispose of any glass containers found. Also, do not use staples to close your bag or attach your number. NO COOLERS OR WATER COOLERS. Anything bigger than a shoe box will not be accepted!

Any clothing you are wearing in the morning can be place in a "finish line" drop-bag and it will be transported to the finish line. Anything left in the shuttle bus will be lost. The following aid stations will accommodate drop-bags:

  • Cool AS - 16.9mi  
  • Gate 142 AS - 25.5mi
  • Granite Bay AS - 43.6mi
  • Finish line - 50mi

All drop-bags will be brought back to the finish line after each aid station closes. Granite bay AS closes at 5:12pm. Plan accordingly. We will not mail any drop-bags. 


You will need a headlamp for the first 40 minutes of the race, after that you can either place it in your drop-bag or carry it for the remainder of the race. We suggest you have a drop-bag at Cool AS, even if you don't plan on having anything in there, you can use it to place your headlamp so it can safely be transported to the finish line. 

Crew members must read:

There are several access point for you to see your runner, you can click here for a printable version of the crew directions.

Parking and paying for parking has always been an issue in the past, please pay for your parking before driving into the park (behind the gate), rangers may be present and you will be ticketed if your parking pass is not displayed. Once you paid for parking in Cool you can access all the other points with the same parking pass. Parking fee is $10, have exact change as ranger will not be present. (Only California state parking pass is accepted (aka Poppy pass), Federal park pass are NOT accepted)

Pay close attention to the following directions:

  1. NOBODY can park in the horse staging area in Cool, not even to drop off your runner. You can exit through there, but you may not stop. 
  2. Runner drop off can be done right before entering the gate in Cool. Tuck and roll style. If your runner needs a few minutes to grab their things, you may park at lot A. Parking fees enforced. 
  3. If you are dropping off your runner AND also staying for your crewing duties, you can enter the gate to access the first aid station, but be aware that we will lock the gate from 5:00am to 7:00am. In other words, you either drive in at 5am, or stay out until 7am. You must also display your paid parking pass. Aid station is located 2 miles behind the gate. 
  4. Crew members must follow the aid station captain rules, otherwise your runner can be disqualified. 
  5. Crew members cannot access the aid station table. If you need anything from there, please ask one of the volunteers. We must keep the aid station table open for the runner's access. 


Aid Stations:

Aid Station Mile Next Aid Drop Bag Crew Cutoff Pacer Pickup Relay Exchange Live Tracking
Start-Cool 0 2.1 NO YES 5:00am ---- ---- Yes
Knickerbocker 2.1 6.7 NO YES ---- ---- ---- ----
Knickerboker 8.8 5.1 NO YES ---- ---- ----  
Knickerboker 13.9 2.9 NO YES ---- ---- ---- ----
Cool Staging Area 16.9 3.4 YES YES ---- ---- ---- ----
No Hands Bridge 20.3 5.2 NO YES (Walk in only) ---- ---- ---- ----
Gate 142 AS 25.5 2.8 YES YES (Walk in only)  12:30pm Official ---- YES YES
Oregon Bar 28.3 6 NO NO ---- ---- ---- ----
Rattlesnake Bar 34.3 2.8 NO YES 2:30pm Official YES ---- ----
Horseshoe Bar 37.1 6.5 NO NO ---- ---- ---- ----
Granite Bay 43.6 6.4 YES YES 5:12pm Official YES ---- YES
Beals Point rec. area - Finish Line 50.00   YES YES 7:00pm YES ---- YES


Runners must check in at each aid station.

All cutoff times will be enforced

All distances are approximate 

**The elevation and distance shown above is not accurate, this course has over 7,000 feet of vertical gain and 50 miles in length, Be prepared!**

Weather Forecast

Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
High 52° / Low 31°
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Partly Cloudy
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High 51° / Low 36°
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High 52° / Low 34°
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