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March 17, 2018


Race starts at 8:00am

Location: (Read Carefully!)

The race will start at Drivers Flat parking lot, which is located before heading down to the Ruck a Chucky campgrounds area. Due to limited parking available at the start area, only the first 35 vehicles will be allowed to park in the lower parking lot at drivers flat, after the first 35 vehicles you will have to park at the upper parking lot which is located .6mi away on Foresthill rd. We will have a small shuttle running back and forth taking runners, but we advise you arrive early to wait for the shuttle. Shuttle bus will start running at 7:00am, race starts at 8am with or without you! Click here to view the parking area and shuttle pick up location. 

2016-logoParking is $10 on either parking lot, or display your Poppy pass.

Google maps to start

17430 Drivers Flat Rd,

Foresthill, CA 95631


Ruck a Chuck 50K is based on the course of the old Rucky Chucky 50k; the out and back course runs completely on the Western States Trail starting at the top of Rucky Chucky area, where runners that participate in the famous Western States 100 mile endurance run get to cross the river towards Auburn, the final town of their 100 mile journey.

During the Ruck a Chuck 50k runners will run towards Foresthill (opposite of WS100) on the Western States trail all the way to Cal 1 Aid Station. Runners will  run one mile past the aid station to then turn back towards the finish line.

This is a great way to experience another part of the WS100 course and to properly train for Canyons 100k, a WS100 qualifying event.

Weather Forecast

Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
High 64° / Low 40°
High 42° / Low 26°
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
High 37° / Low 25°
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
High 42° / Low 29°
High 46° / Low 33°
High 46° / Low 34°
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High 50° / Low 36°

What’s Included

Major Swag

All of STR events are filled with goodies and custom bibs, while we know the killer hills and post race party with plenty of food will make you want to sign up again, we celebrate your finish with major swag. Each STR race has a little different swag because we know nobody needs 14 beer pints, or 12 tshirts.

Aid Stations

All of STR events are full of great aid station with the best available volunteers. The volunteers will help you fill up your bottles and quickly move toward the finish line. Depending on your event distance, our aid stations may include soda, boiled potatoes, candy, gels, electrolyte, salt tablets, and much more.

Cupless Event

Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle. Reusable cups are small, are no problem to carry along while running and will save thousands of cups from being trashed, and possibly blown away littering our beautiful trails. We will have some small collapsible water containers for sale at the event, or we recommend you purchase one in advance at your local running store or online at HydraPouch.


See below for aid station table and cut off times.

The challenging course has over 6,500 feet of positive elevation, proper training and heat acclimation is advised.


Elevation above is not 100% accurate, this course has over 6,500 feet of positive elevation.

Aid Station - Cut off times:

See disclaimer below for runners who drop at an aid station.

All aid stations will have bananas, oranges, potato chips, boiled potatoes, salt, Scaps, Gels , Coke, Ginger ale, electrolyte drink, and many other sweet and salty options to get you through the day.

Aid Station

Mile Next Aid Strict cutoff - Pace  

Start - Ruck a Chucky

0 2.75 ----


Gate 101

2.7 7.5 ---- ----

Cal 2 aid station

10.2 4.4 10:53 (17:00 min/mi)


Cal 1 aid station 14.6 2 12:14pm (17:25 min/mi)


Cal 1 aid station

16.6 4.4 12:50pm (17:30 min/mi) ----

Cal 2 aid station

21.0 7.5 2:15pm (17:52 min/mi)


Gate 101 28.5 2.7 4:30pm (17:55 min/mi)


Finish line




Note: Runners must check in at each aid station. All cutoff times will be enforced

Missing cut off & Drop (DNF):

This course covers extremely remote area that is very difficult to access by vehicle. If a runner drops at any of our aid stations, he or she must wait until the aid station closes in order to get a ride back to the start/finish area. The same applies to anyone who misses a cutoff time. We will try our best to accommodate runners waiting at an aid station, but plan to be there until the end.


Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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