Commit to cupless racing, get 10% off when you order through here.

 In an effort to reduce the waste and littering we have all seen at running events, all of our events will be going cup-less, which means that those tiny paper cups that runners use to take a shot of water, soda, or electrolyte will not be available. Let's face it, we have all seen what a waste those cups are, and one single sip for a whole cup is ridiculous. 

At the beginning of the race, each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle. Reusable cups are small, are no problem to carry along while running and will save thousands of paper cups from being used, trashed, and possibly blown away littering our beautiful trail. We will have some small collapsible water containers for sale at the event, or we recommend you purchase one in advance at your local running store or online at HydraPouch orUltraSpire.

As many more running events go cupless, what will happen if these race organizations give you a collapsible cup every time you register... most likely you will end up with more plastic cups that you will ever need.

Think of the collapsible cup as a grocery bag, and think of the running event as your grocery store. We have all ended up with more plastic bags at home that we will ever need. For that reason SingleTrack Running will not provide collapsible cups at the events as part of your registration. We will have those available for purchase if needed, say no to the "Grocery bag effect".



Commit to cupless racing, get 10% off when you order through here.

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