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Sunday February 18, 2018 - New date and time

8:15 am (Half Marathon) 

8:30 am (13K)


Overlook Park, Auburn CA

Google maps to start

855 Pacific Ave,
Auburn, CA 95603


Use the link below, or mention the SingleTrack Running block when calling.


13K and Half Marathon+

The 13K and Half Marathon+ share part of the course of the 50K. Participants of the 13k will experience the last hill, Overlook hill, while the Half Marathon+ runners will also experience the infamous k2 Hill. 

Are you still curious why the  Half Marathon a Half Marathon+ instead, because we give you a tad more to run for free. The total distance of the Half Marathon+ is close to 13.8mi. 

Less than half mile of road on any distance.

What’s Included

Major Swag

All of STR events are filled with goodies and custom bibs, while we know the killer hills and post race party with plenty of food will make you want to sign up again, we celebrate your finish with major swag. Each STR race has a little different swag because we know nobody needs 14 beer pints, or 12 tshirts.

Aid Stations

All of STR events are full of great aid station with the best available volunteers. The volunteers will help you fill up your bottles and quickly move toward the finish line. Depending on your event distance, our aid stations may include soda, boiled potatoes, candy, gels, electrolyte, salt tablets, and much more.

Cupless Event

Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle. Reusable cups are small, are no problem to carry along while running and will save thousands of cups from being trashed, and possibly blown away littering our beautiful trails. We will have some small collapsible water containers for sale at the event, or we recommend you purchase one in advance at your local running store or online at HydraPouch.


  • Awards will be presented the top Three (3) places overall in male & female field.
  • Age Group awards will be presented only to the top runner in each of the following age groups:

19 years old and under
20 to 29 years old
30 to 39 years old
40 to 49 years old
50 to 59 years old
60 to 69 years old
70 + 



  • The 13K  and Half Marathon runners will go downhill towards No Hands bridge by using the Western States and Robbie point trail. Once at No hands bridge, Half Marathon runners will continue up k2 Hill towards Cool, to then turn around and climb back up  to the finish by using the river-view trail.  

Aid Stations

Runners are encouraged to carry at least 1 water bottle. This is a trail race and much of the course is very remote. Three aid stations are provided along the course including the finish line for the half marathon and two for the 13k.  aid stations will supply water, electrolyte drink, gels, salt tablets, soda, some snacks, and of course, boiled potatoes.

Half Marathon aid station table

Aid Station Mile Next Aid
Start 0 4.3
No Hands AS (1) 4.3 4.8
No Hands AS (2) 9.1 4.0
Finish 13.1  

Half Marathon map to be updated. 


13K Aid station table

Aid Station Mile Next Aid
Start 0 4.3
No Hands AS 4.3 4.0
Finish 8.3mi (13k)  

Note: Runners must check in at each aid station.

13K map:



Are you ready to take on the challenge?